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HEADCANONS: The Twins are far too alike to tell apart, they're both pretty gross and they dislike Turbo. A whole lot. That's basically it.

So remember when I said that I was going to make a Sugar Rush OC

Well I did. Bito Honeyzuckle, based of off Bit-O-Honey Taffy and just honey in general.

Bonus! B-T0, just me doodling some ideas. I like thinking that Bito is actually a NPC from another game but bluh what am I saying 

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    Omg the cutie!!! ))
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    actually i have a few that ive made, but vic is my main one. shes based off black licorice and ive yet to draw decent...
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    ((u//o//u oh gosh it’s not that good thank you though, I would love to see your OC though ;u;))
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