((Bascially an RP/ask blog for the Turbo Twins from WiR. I will answer most any asks, and my standards are pretty low. Feel free to drop an ask! <3))
HEADCANONS: The Twins are far too alike to tell apart, they're both pretty gross and they dislike Turbo. A whole lot. That's basically it.

The two racers walked around the side of the track, side by side. They were looking for someone. Watching, they finally saw the bright flash and heard the swoosh of tires on pavement. They ran up to the car as it stopped on the finish line. Ted was the first to speak.

"Hey! Turbo! Get out of there, you jackass! We wanna talk to you!" He shouted angrily. Teddy, his twin, hid behind him.

"Uh..Maybe we shouldn’t be so mean to him? If we were nicer, he’d probably listen to us-"

"That jerk won’t listen to anyone but himself. You and I both know that." Ted grumbled, shouting at the red-striped racer again.

"HEY! I’m trying to talk to you!"

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    Teddy couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing, only covering his mouth slightly when he saw the look on the other...
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    Turbo looked completely unfazed. He raised a brow at the pair and crossed his arms, giving them both an indignant huff...