((Bascially an RP/ask blog for the Turbo Twins from WiR. I will answer most any asks, and my standards are pretty low. Feel free to drop an ask! <3))
HEADCANONS: The Twins are far too alike to tell apart, they're both pretty gross and they dislike Turbo. A whole lot. That's basically it.



I’m saddened to say that from as of now on, all blogs, including

  • turboappcrew
  • turboo-twins
  • notsohoney
  • cherryboxer

will be on indefinite hiatus! I do not know if I will resume them, but chances are many of you have noticed that I’ve been inactive, so I just thought I’d make it official! This means that I will not be posting, drawing, or conversing about these blogs or these characters (at least for canon!) 

Very sorry for this! 


YouTube just started reccing me death compilations from all these obscure point-and-click adventure games and holy fuck some of these are pretty grim for a K-A title

Where did that voice come from?!

I dunno man- Maybe we should go find out



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